Sunday, February 1, 2015

ARES ARISE! Guest Post #6-- Peter Violini!

The sixth in a daily celebration by awesome cartoonists of the much-maligned god of war himself, Ares, on the occasion of the publishing of Olympians Volume 7, Ares: Bringer of War.  Today's entry: Peter Violini!
I first met Peter when he was an intern in Hypothetical Island, the studio in Gowanus I share with several other cartoonists (including Thursday's Reilly Brown). Peter quickly impressed us with his fully realized style, prodigious work ethic, comics biz savvy, and ability to move hulking pieces of furniture with ease. I was especially impressed with his knowledge of cryptids, and encourage anyone who shares that interest to check out Peter's series Sisters, the first issue of which features none other than the Mothman. Peter described his work as Supernatural, Sci-fi, and Samurai extraordinaire, a description which I'll agree with. Check out his tumblr for more of his stuff.

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