Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sneak Peek-- Apollo!

Just arrived home from lunch to find this nice surprise on my doorstep.


  1. That looks dazzling. ^_^ (Poor Daphne...)

    And Artemis is next, then? (And crossover scenes with Apollo?)

    It'd be really exciting to see these two, since they haven't really figured in beyond cameos so far (Apollo had a bit more of a role in Ares, and bit of Artemis in the same book), but then again, I think you mentioned that in all the myths they appear in, they tend to be all about them.

  2. Have they all had hardcover formats, or is that new with this volume?

  3. I think they've all been made available in hardcover. The edition I read for Hera, I'm pretty sure was hardcover.

  4. will you make a hermes?

  5. when is artemis coming out, I searched it up on google images and one picture showed the top of an artemis book and I said artemis, goddess of the hunt and it looked like ur books, is it urs and when is it coming out???

  6. r u ging to make Dionysus, hepaesthus or hermes next????

  7. Hi,
    I've read the first 4 of your books about five times each. I can't get enough of those pictures! Can you make a poster of the picture of all of the Olympians just hanging out in the throne room? Like the one at the top of the screen.
    Your Olympians fan,
    Also come check out my blog!
    I will write to you soon.

  8. When is it going to be out?

  9. Wow... Yay! Are you going to make a book about Artemis next?