Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sketchbook Sneak Peek: The Dread Queen Persephone, and Hekate

A few more character sketches for all of you from Olympians Book 4, Hades: The Wealthy One. First up is this sketch of Demeter's lovely daughter Kore, after her transformation into the Dread Queen of Hades, Persephone.

And nextly, someone who has ended up being one of my favorite characters in the book, Hekate, goddess of the Crossroads. She becomes Demeter's loyal companion as she searches for her daughter after Kore's abduction. It's a subtle little craziness in her face that is the thing I like about her so much.


  1. Me and my friend Will both picture Hekate as crazy. Whenever I read about her blowing up What's-his-name in the Gigantomakhy, I picture a little girl-scout pulling out a flamethrower and screaming "Burn! Baby, Burn!" (don't ask).

  2. I have a long, terrifying history with girl scouts... Those eyes... Those beady, little eyes...
    Anyway, must-love-thin-mints.

  3. Thin... mints...
    I'm insane.


    But I'm not insane pie.