Thursday, August 5, 2010

Progress Report Hades: Rough Sketches

Last time I showed you all some of the thumbnail sketches for Olympians Book 4, Hades: The Wealthy One. Now here is the next step in my admittedly complex process-- the rough sketches, or dummy.

Now what exactly is the difference between these and thumbnails? Well, at first glance, not all that much. For starters, in real life they're much bigger than my thumbnail sketches-- about 5 1/2 inches by 8 inches, as opposed to my barely two-inch high thumbnails. They're also more detailed and clean-- they actually serve as my blueprint for the finished pages I will draw, so I try to fill them as much as possible with the information I will need. Finally, as you will see in the scans, they are actually bound together in a book (see the spiral bound in the middle?). That's the dummy part-- it's a little scale version of the finished book, with facing pages and all that, to help me and my editors to fully visualize the final project.

I tried to include some of the same spreads as I showed you in my thumbnail preview, so that you can see the evolution of the pages. Sharp-eyed readers will note that the first spread in my thumbnail post is not represented here-- that's because so much had changed between thumbnailing and roughs that they didn't even match anymore. Another reason for this extra step-- more opportunity for self-editing.

Hope you all enjoy this view of my precess. Next step-- finishes!


  1. Will you be telling the stories of Lizard-Boy and Triptolemos/Demophon (the correct one, where he's not a pig-herder but a baby prince) in HADES? (you did say it was kind-of a book for Demeter, and those are the only two stories other than Persephone about her...

    except, of course, for that one where Poseidon chased her down, raped her, and fathered Arion the dolphin-rider. I'm guessing, since this is a kid-book, you're not doing that one...

    though I would like to suggest Arion and the dolphin for the Poseidon book.)

  2. Arion will, at best, get a one-panel mention in Poseidon, I'm afraid to report.

    Lizard boy is Ascalaphus, right? He makes an appearance as the gardener of Hades, with a little in-joke reference to his transformative fate (I'm more familiar with the Screech Owl version, though). I already had Demeter transforming some people in her rage, and it felt too repetitive to have her do it again to Ascalaphus.

    Demophon does not appear because his story is kind of anti-climatic ( "I was going to make your baby immortal-- now I'm not!". Triptolemos does not appear because, in Zeus, I already established that Demeter had previously taught humans the gift of agriculture. We can assume she educated him off-panel somewhere in Zeus, if we like.

  3. Some books I've read combine Lizard-Boy and Ascalphus (Sorry if I spelled that wrong. Long words. Tiny brain. Mal... func...tion...)
    All the trustable sources I've ready say that Lizard Boy was an ordinary boy who Demeter changed into a lizard when he laughed at her when she asked him for water (this happened when she was in mortal-form searching for Persephone). Ascalaphus was the gardener, in my versions of the story, also a seperate character from lizard boy, in the Underworld who tricked Persephone into eating the pomegranate so Haides could have her forever. Demeter was angry so she turned him into an owl. This is just what I think. You may know a different version.

    Also, in all the versions I've read, the names Demophon and Triptolemus are interchangable for the same character.