Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hera in her Space Suit visits the Milky Way.

longtime readers of this blog will know that my studiomates and I often do warm-up drawings on a certain topic every morning and post them online. Occasionally, my drawings will feature a mythological element and I will post them here as well. Well, lately I've been participating less than I used to and so, in an obvious bid to get me posting again, the topic was "Hera in a Spacesuit"

Did you know that the ancient Greeks credited Hera with creating the Milky Way from an errant stream of breast milk? True, uh, myth. Not sure why the nigh-omnipotent Queen on the Gods would need a spacesuit; maybe, since she is also the goddess of the air she wanted to bring a little of her native atmosphere with her while she visited her old handiwork.

You can read the actual story in my new graphic novel Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory, coming out July 19th everywhere! Subtle plug!

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