Monday, August 29, 2011

Where all the magic happens

I'm trying something a little new here: specifically, a little video action. We're working on a major renovation of the greater Olympiansrule website, with the video component scheduled to play a big part in the revised site. Consider this little treat, a short virtual tour of my drawing desk, to be a kind of teaser for some video goodness to come. I act a little silly, and show off some artwork for the upcoming Olympians Book 5, Poseidon: The Yet to be Subtitled, amongst other things.

Special thanks to my pal Natalie Kim for putting this together, She's one half of the Supertwins, a new comedic web series premiering this October.


  1. Good job Natalie and George! But why did you edit out the bit with me standing off camera eating a banana?


  2. That's for the director's cut. We slowed that shot down to, like, 1 frame every 40 seconds. It's over 13 hours long.