Sunday, November 13, 2011

Signing at McNally Jackson! First Second's 5th anniversary!

First Second, publisher of Journey into Mohawk Country, Ball-Peen Hammer, The First Second Nursery Rhyme Book, and the Olympians series is turning 5 years old! Join me in raising a glass to the wonderful people who, for some reason, keep seeing fit to publish me this Tuesday, November 15th at McNally Jackson Bookstore in Soho! I'll be joined by other such First Second luminaries as Dave Roman, Mike Cavallaro, MK Reed, Mark Siegel, Molly Crabapple, Danica Novgorodoff, John Leavitt, Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, Carla Jablonski, Matt Madden, and  Joe Infurnari!

The fun begins at 7 Pm, see you there!


  1. My little brother just ruined my autographed copy of Zeus. Can you tell me if you have a book signing coming in the near future in the NYC or NJ area?