Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aphrodite warm up

So I'm at about the halfway point with the artwork on Aphrodite, and, I'm not sure if I got some bad nibs, or the quality of the paper I use changed or what,  but all of a sudden the last few days my pens have become gloppy and my pages keep getting torn up (you can see a great big glop from one of those nibs on my warm up drawing today). I changed out all my nibs this morning after that glop, and did some doodling to break them in a bit. Here's what I drew, an Ares, a Hephaistos, and a couple of Aphrodites.


  1. So sorry for the nib difficulties :-( You're right that it can be the paper, too, or a combination. I was ready to give up on a new fountain pen, oh so reluctantly, when I tried it on better paper. Ta-da! Glide replaced drag and sputter.

  2. What does Ares look like without his helm, I saw a picture of him in Athena but he was in Hephaistos' forge at the time so it was dark and red.
    Mr. O'Connor please, please, please, draw a picture of Ares and a few other things:

    - Medusa without snakes in front of her face
    - Nymphs
    - Baby Eros with Aphrodite and Ares (his parents)
    - Eros grown up with his bride Psyche
    - Ariadne with Dionysus and Pan
    - Lastly, Apollo giving Midas donkey ears ;)

    1. You'll get to see some clear shots of helmetless Ares in Aphrodite: Goddess of Love, as well as baby Eros. For most of the rest, watch future volumes, though you will never see a non-snake-obscured Medusa. I don't want to petrify anybody.

    2. thank you but i noticed that when u put the spines together you will see medusa's face.
      And will Psykhe be in the book and will Aeneas (aphrodite and anchises' son), paris, helen, adonis, and her kids:

      - Tyche, goddess of good luck (Hermes and aphrodite's daughter)
      - Hermaphroditus, god of bisexuality (Tyche's brother and Hermes and aphrodite's son)
      - Priapos - lame god of fertility (Dionysos and aphrodite's son)

  3. Look at how beautiful she is! I'm so excited for this; I cannot wait!

    I was just speaking about your Aphrodite today to a friend of mine. She's so gorgeous. I'm so thrilled.

  4. I shall the new cover for Aphrodite on amazon.com and their was a crazy-haired girl behind Hera, I just wondered in the girl was Eris, goddess of Discord.
    PS. Why is Zeus a little peeved at Aphrodite's arrival from sea foam?
    PPS. Will you show a grown-up Eros in her book or will it be in the upcoming book "Ares: Lord of War"?