Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sneak Peek at the upcoming Olympians poster

Long time no post! Been super busy working on Olympians Book 7-- Ares: God of War, and this bit of work below. Behold the pencils and inks for the Olympians family portrait poster that will be packaged with the upcoming Olympians boxed set.


  1. Oh, that's a marvelous poster.

    That's a huge cast! The Fates/Furies, the Charites, Eros, Hecate, Herakles, Pan (I think?)... who is the one sneaking up on Dionysos? Eris?

    I see you've also resolved the 20-fingered Hades problem! (I'm still sorry for ruining that. =P)

    I think my favourite part though is Hebe's expression there. She's got this "oh... I think she should be careful where she's aiming that bow" and/or "eehhh... that looks like trouble there" on her face.

  2. I like being able to compare the draft and the inked version. It's pretty interesting to see the subtle differences between the two.

    (Mr. O'Connor, maybe because the forums here haven't been very active lately, but I think it's been hit with some spambot posts. Maybe you should take a look?)

  3. thanks! You're right on both Pan and Eris, too.

    Yeah, I've got to do something about that forum... In the meantime I recommend that everyone head to ,where i'm much more active.