Friday, November 7, 2014

A smattering of panels from the upcoming APOLLO: THE BRILLIANT GOD

Olympians Book 7, Ares: Bringer of War isn't even out for several months yet, but I'm already deep into work on volume 8, currently titled APOLLO: THE BRILLIANT GOD (longtime readers of this blog will know that there is a pretty good chance that the subtitle for Apollo will change between now and when it pubs). I wanted to share a couple of sneak peeks of Apollo in progress...
 This is a shot of young Artemis(that's her with the gap-toothed smile in the foreground) and Apollo (looking cranky in the background) being presented by their mother Leto to their father Zeus for the first time.
Here's a shot of grown-up artemis doing her thing as the Goddess of the Hunt. This is, so far, my all-time favorite drawing of Artemis I've ever drawn.

I'll be showing some sneaks and peeks from Apollo and whatever else I might be working on, so be sure to check back.

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  1. Did u know that even though Leto was Zeus' 6th mistress, she was the first to give him children

    1. I hadn't heard that Leto was the first to yield him children, no-- her being the sixth mistress is from Hesiod, but I thought some of the Titanesses had already bore him children by that point, and I think Ares had been born already too.

    2. Yes i myself though so too, but there's a confusion!

      Metis was #1 and she bore Athena, but Zeus wasn't married to (she was #7) so Hephaestus could not have been born yet.

      Themis was #2 and she had the Horai (and other tales the Fates), but they needed someone to serve (aka Artemis who hadn't been born yet), so they weren't there yet

      Eurynome was #3 and she had the Graces. But Aphrodite was finished forming yet, so they couldn't of along until the last year of Aphrodite's formation

      Demeter was #4 and she had Persephone. But Hermes wasn't born yet. Hermes was the one who took Persephone from the Underworld to Olympus, so she couldn't of been born yet.

      Mnemosyne was #5 and she bore the Muses, but (like the Graces and Horai) they no one to serve so Apollo had to be born before them.

      Leto was #6 and she bore Artemis and Apollo. Apollo was said to be Zeus' first son but if Athena was born before him, that meant Hephaestus was his first son. But Hera, Hephaestus' evil mom, wasn't married to Zeus yet. And Artemis and so did the Horai (and the Fates) after the births of her and her twin.

      So that's why Leto, though his 6th mistress, was the first to bear Zeus' offspring

    3. Sorry about that Hera was deleted in the Metis part.
      It was supposed to say "...married to Hera yet (she..."

  2. Awww... they're so cute.

    (Would it be a good guess that there will be some crossovers between the Apollo and Artemis books, a la the same way the same scenes were shown from different perspectives in the Athena and Hera books?)

  3. I really hope that an artemis book will come out soon!!!!! #cantwait!