Monday, January 26, 2015

Ares Guest Artists! ARES ARISE!

To commemorate the release of volume seven of Olympians, Ares: Bringer of War, I wanted to host a celebration of the oft-maligned god of war and asked a whole slew of my comics pals to contribute their own interpretations of him. Check back everyday for a brand new artistic vision featuring the murderous Greek god of battle frenzy by a bevy of the greatest cartooning talents in the world. Here's a list of whom to look for:

 Tuesday, January 27th: Hazel Newlevant

Wednesday January 28th:  Tim Hamilton

Thursday, January 29th: Jerzy Drozd

Friday, January 30th: Reilly Brown

Saturday, January 31st: Leland Purvis

Sunday, February 1st: Peter Violini

Monday, February 2nd: Dean Haspiel

Tuesday, February 3rd: Ellen Lindner

Wednesday, February 4th: Michel Fiffe

Thursday, February 5th: Danica Novgorodoff

Friday, February 6th: Nathan Schreiber

Saturday, February 7th: Simon Fraser

Sunday, February 8th:  Robin Ha

Monday, February 9th:  Khary Randolph

Tuesday, February 10th: Andres Vera Martinez

Wednesday, February 11th: Greg Benton

Thursday, February 12th: Nick Bruel

Friday, February 13th: Jason Chin

Saturday February 14th: Joan Reilly

Sunday, February 15th: James Smith

Monday, February 16th: Nick Abadzis

Tuesday, February 17th: David Klein

Wednesday, February 18th: Sara Varon

Thursday, February 19th: Jason Little

Friday, February 20th: Christa Cassano

Saturday, February 21st: Lara Antal

Sunday February 22nd: Douglas Einar Olsen

Monday February 23rd: Evan Petersen

Tuesday, February 24th: Maggie Scarlett Breen

Wednesday, February 25th: Michael Horwitz

Thursday, February 26th:  Mike Cavallaro

 Friday, February 27th: Nick Bertozzi


  1. I just got Ares and i saw the fight between the gods. Then when Hera struck Artemis with her own bow, I cried. Poor Artemis. I think Leto should have beaten her up! But the saddest was when Athena punched Aphy, but the following panel do show a cute pic of Ares and Aphy together. I called it "The Wounded Lovers". But the worst was when Achilles went psycho and dragged Hector's corpse around with his chariot.

    1. Yeah, a lot of Artemis lovers are gonna be bummed by that panel. I even softened it up a little-- in the Iliad, she cries after Hera beats her with her own bow. Never, EVER, challenge Hera in a fight.