Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Artist Gallery: Reilly Brown

Well, it's been awhile since I posted (due to intense deadline crunches on Glory of Hera), but I'm back, with another exciting installment of Guest Artist Gallery of the Gods, this time with Reilly Brown and his terrifying depiction of Typhon, last son of Mother Earth and scourge of the Olympian gods.

Here's what Mr. Brown has to say about his choice for the Gallery:

"I picked Typhon because he's the ultimate monster from mythology. He was bred specifically to fight the Olympians, and he's described as being so tall that his head brushes against the stars in the sky, and his arms reach from one horizon to the other. He has wings, snakes for legs, 100 arms and 100 heads of all different types of animals, who all shoot fire out of their eyes and mouths. When I read a description like that, it sounds so crazy that I want to see what it looks like just to understand what I'm reading about, and the only way to see a creature like Typhon is to draw a picture of him!"

Reilly Brown
is the heavenly body around which the rest of the eclectic assortment of artists who make up Studio Outpost 51 revolve- he is their rock, their Alpha and Omega. He first came to fame as the penciler on Marvel Comics Cable and Deadpool series, where he co-created the bizarrely popular Bob, Agent of Hydra. He since has gone on to penciling duties on such books as New warriors and Marvel Apes.

Reilly's first professional brush with things mythological and Grecian was penciling the one-shot "Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide". That assignment lead to his work as a regular artist on Marvel's exemplary Incredible Hercules book, and more recently, a back up series featuring the Agents of Atlas (the best thing Marvel is publishing, imho). Continuing this trend, he's currently hard at work on Hercules spin-off Prince of Power: Amadeus Cho, about Herc's former kid sidekick who also happens to be the seventh smartest person in the world.

On top of all of his Marvel work, Reilly is hard at work on a mysterious project for the iphone that is so apparently top secret that I couldn't find anything online about it yet so I will leave you with this-- it's great, it's classified and you will want it. Nuff said.

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