Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fan Art Forum! A Cyclopean Horde!

Recently I visited my good friends at PS 63 and the Neighborhood School in NYC. I shared some of my drawing secrets with the kids there and this is what they did:

Oh, gods! Run! It's a mob of Cyclopes! Electric Cyclopes, fanged Cyclopes, winged Cyclopes, horned Cyclopes, robo-Cyclopes, armored Cyclopes, Cyclopes with eye-beams, Cyclopes with hand grenades! RUN!

Oh, but wait! We have an army of Athenas to defend us! Sure, she's outnumbered, but she is a warrior goddess. I suppose we're in good hands. In fact, I feel pretty bad for that one lonely Cyclops sharing the page with all these Athenas. Good thing it has wings ;)

A special thanks to everyone at PS 63 and the Neighborhood School who drew a Cyclops or an Athena, and thanks for letting me post them up here. Special thanks to super-librarian Cheryl Wolf (and her assistants) for scanning these for me.

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