Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guest Artist Gallery: Kat Roberts

It's that time again, for another installment of the Guest Artist Gallery of the Gods. Up to bat this week: Kat Roberts, and her wonderfully whimsical (yet seriously kick-butt)depiction of the Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter!

Here's what the talented Ms. Roberts has to say about her choice:

"I think this is the second or third time I've drawn Demeter in the past few years, and each time it comes out like some kind of nutritional propaganda. Weirdly, there always seem to be doughnuts involved. Probably because of their deliciousness." And look! She even gave Demeter her golden blade! Awesome.

The divine Kat Roberts divides her time between working in the fashion industry and creating comix. She teaches accessories courses at FIT and 3rd Ward, and has recently launched her own accessories company, Whitehaus. Her partially autobiographic, partially whoa-that-crazy comic "Fever Dream" can be seen at and her upcoming contribution for "Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies" will be out in December.

In addition to her fashion and comics work, Kat runs the blog "I See Heads People", capturing the hidden faces that surround us in everyday life. Here's a favorite of mine:

Ms. Roberts has seen "Purple Rain" more times than any other two people combined on the whole planet, with the possible exception of her daughter. Kat is also without a doubt the most stylish member of Studio XOXO/ Hypothetical Island, which is faint praise to say the least. Zing!

Can you draw, paint, operate a camera, sculpt, etc.? Have a desire to capture the essence of your favorite figure from Greek myth and see it pictured here on this site? Send me a scan of your work, a few words about yourself and the piece, and I'll put it up!


  1. Hahaha! Love the background of donuts! And the expression on her face is priceless.

  2. I remember opening the kitchen drawer where I kept all of my menus and there it was: a postcard with "Eat Less Gross" on it, attached to a bunch of new menus. It was a funny surprise. Thanks for that, Kat.

    I love the donut wall and despite the message, I still love donuts, too.