Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Aphrodite

I don't remember what twisted strain of conversation lead to "chocolate Aphrodite" being today's warm-up topic, but I do know that the best way to a goddess's heart is to give her a milk-chocolate replica of herself. Better than flowers anyday.

I might color this whole thing when I get home. Then again, I might not.

and I did decide to color it. Now it's prettier.


  1. Love this Aphrodite! totally how I picture her! =)

  2. Awesome pic! Hey Mr. O'Connor I asked on the golden apple page this same question and I was just wondering when the Hera book is suppost to come out? (I Really can't wait til it does!) Thanks a bunch! =P

  3. I've gone GAGA over this Aphrodite. I've shared this picture with practically everyone I know today. She is so beautiful, look at her!

  4. Please hurry, I love your books and I want to read the next one on Aphrodite. I have read all the others and they are super duper good and I love your series.
    Please keep writing your books.

    Why don't you write one about Helios next.

    Jessica Spence (4th grader from Redwood City, Ca)

    P.S. When are you coming to California? My local bookstore is Keplers

  5. Will Adonis and Anchises be in Aphrodite's book and what about Eros and Psykhe and the Graces?
    Please hurry and please tell me when it comes out!

  6. Oh, hey Jessica, I only just saw this-- it was on an older post so I missed it.

    Adonis is briefly in Aphrodite, Anchises will not (but will probably be seen in the next volume of Olympians, Ares). The Graces are heavily featured and are even on the newly revised cover, as is Eros, but I had to cut Psyche. I really wanted to do their story justice and simply didn't have the room-- hopefully in some other format.

    The book comes out in late 2013, early 2014.

  7. Oh, and Jessica? tell Keplers I'd love to come out for a signing, and tehy should contact me or my publisher. Maybe we can make it happen!

  8. My sister, Monica, has an Mediterranean tan exactly like Aphrodite's. She also has long brown hair like Aphrodite. Her three BFFs (Blair, Fiona, and Emma) look just like the Graces. Oh and Aphrodite is my sister's fav goddess. What a coincidence!

    PS. Aphrodite (i called Aphy) is my 2nd fav goddess, the forgotten goddess Hestia is my fav.