Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hades is done! Long live Poseidon!

I've delivered the completed Hades: Lord of the Dead to my publisher, hooray!

Now I'm hard at work on Olympians Book 5, all about Poseidon!

So far, all of the subtitles for my books that I've come up with (with the exception of Athena: Grey Eyed Goddess) have changed by the time that they were published. I have a subtitle in mind for the Poseidon book, but since past experience has shown that it will most likely change, I was wondering what you, my readers, thought would make for a good subtitle. Please leave your suggestions here, at the Olympians Rule forum.


  1. Thanks, Erin. It was a happy day.

    Lord of Waves sounds like it would be a good surfing movie...

  2. Posiedon: the earthshaker

    or eartholder whatever floats your boat

  3. i say call him posiedon:
    ruler of the waves, not sure tuffy

  4. Poseidon
    Earth shaker
    King of the horses
    Lord of the waves

  5. I'm leaning toward "Earth-shaker, Wave-breaker" so far...

  6. i think poseidon's beard looks like the whiskers on a lobster, but isn't it supposed to look like that since he is the god of the seas, right?

  7. of course, i'll like my lady Artemis's book better than any other one, but all of your books are fantastic, george!

  8. Can't wait to see this one and purchase Hades, PS in the title you called it Lord of the Dead, but in everything else it say The Wealthy One. Which is it?