Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A-Sketch-a-Day-Until-Hera #74

Olympians Book 3, Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory is finally coming out July 19th. To commemorate this momentous occasion I will be posting a drawing from my enormous cache of sketchbooks every day until Hera hits the shelves. I'll be going through them chronologically, with today's piece coming from a sketchbook from April of 2007.

Today's drawing is not exactly the best thing I've ever drawn, but it was interesting for me, coming across this sketch and others like it. I had forgotten that there was ever a time when I contemplated Zeus growing to Titan-size for the final confrontation with his father. Glad I didn't go this route.

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  1. When will you talk about Asteria, Dike, and Eunomia (the Horae) who were the three daughters of Zeus and the Titaness Themis