Monday, April 29, 2013

Awesome fan art! Lil Hera! Lil Athena!

Awhile back, I drew up a comic for the ReadKiddoRead awards (Olympians was nominated for best series, and is probably losing as I type). It starred lil Olympians versions of Zeus and Hades. I drew up lil Olympian versions of the whole pantheon, wanting to do something with them in the future, but so far as I recall I never posted any other designs. Imagine my surprise then when I received these awesome drawings of lil Athena and lil Hera via twitter today from twitter user @britters1516. She figured out the underlying design principles behind my Zeus and Hades and perfectly extrapolated Hera and Athena. Amazing!

I'll have to dig up my own designs and post them, to see how they compare.

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