Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Facebook Author page

I've been getting a lot of requests for a Facebook author page and I had never made one, but now THAT HAS CHANGED! If you're on Facebook and want to see lots of cool exclusive pictures and stuff, as well as keep up with my various news and appearances, or just want to tell me how stinky you thought my latest book was, here's where you can go: George O'Connors OFFICIAL Facebook Author page!!

I also have a new Twitter handle. Follow me if you prefer me in doses of 140 characters or less: Follow @GeorgetheMighty on Twitter


  1. I love your header image - especially with the inclusion of Hebe and Persephone. And Hermes gossiping(?) with Athena right in the middle.

    I have to ask though... does Persephone have her hand tucked under Hades' arm (because it looks a little like he has extra fingers otherwise O_o). I think that's rather sweet, if that's the case.

  2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Good eye on the Hebe-- lots of people miss her. And Hermes is totally gossiping withAthena, and it looks like she enjoys what she's hearing. Persephone does indeed have her hand around Hades's arm-- that's her fingers all the way on the right, they're thinner. But now that you mention it, now it totally looks like he has like 20 fingers. OH NOES YOU RUINED IT FOR ME!!!

    Truthfully, I've been thinking about revisting this piece for awhile now-- maybe multi-fingered Hades will be what pushes me to create an updated version ;)


    Oops... D=

    Well, if it helps, it's much more obvious on the (larger) Facebook version.

    As for Persephone and Hebe, I hope they manage some more appearances in the series (though with all the stories that could be told, I guess they might just be cameos at best). I know Hebe pops up a few times in The Iliad...

    1. You'll see thema few more times. I'd bet more Persephone than Hebe, though. Persephone already makes a cameo in Aphrodite.