Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing the Fan Art Forum!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Fan Art Forum! Got a drawing of your favorite mythological character? Want to see it posted online? Send me your drawing!

Starting us off is this wonderful piece by JP. JP is almost 13 years old, and is a huge Percy Jackson fan (me too!). He's been taking art lessons since he was 4 and wants to be a comics artist when he grows up (also me too!). Previously JP was awarded "Demigod of the Week" status at Rick Riordan's blog for this awesome drawing of Percy Jackson.

Here's JP in his own words talking about his choice for the Fan Art Forum:

"My drawing is of Odysseus, son of Laertiades, prince of Ithica. He is by far my favorite mythological person! Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this!"

Pretty cool, huh? If you'd like to see your own drawing here, please send me a scan of it (if you can) and a few words and we'll post it. I'd love to see your drawings!


  1. Yes! This is my new favorite subject of your blog.

  2. Just wondering. Do you plan to tell about Akhilleus and Agamemnon... anywhere?

  3. Well, Achilles and Agamemnon will be getting their due in Ares's book, which is going to be book #... seven, I believe. I have a cool idea of how to present their story that will hopefully shake out well by the time I get up to it.