Thursday, May 12, 2011

A-Sketch-a-Day-Until-Hera #17

Olympians Book 3, Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory is finally coming out July 19th. To commemorate this momentous occasion I will be posting a drawing from my enormous cache of sketchbooks each weekday until Hera hits the shelves. I'll be going through them chronologically, with today's piece coming from a sketchbook from sometime in latish 2006.

This was a very fun find for me. I had remembered it taking a very long time for me to find the look of my version of Hades, but I was evidently mistaken, as here was this doodle of the Lord of the Dead, looking very much like how he appears in Olympians, in one of my earliest sketchbooks of Olympians related material. Added bonus was Hades giving the heavy-metal devil sign, and an even addeder bonus was the drawing of a super-early design of Kronos the Titan (before I figured out to make him all enormous and shadowey). Fun stuff.

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