Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A-Sketch-a-Day-Until-Hera #22

Olympians Book 3, Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory is finally coming out July 19th. To commemorate this momentous occasion I will be posting a drawing from my enormous cache of sketchbooks each weekday until Hera hits the shelves. I'll be going through them chronologically, with today's piece coming from a sketchbook from sometime in latish 2006.

Takes dat! Pow! Today's sketch is a goofy little piece showing Goddess of War Athena totally decking God of War Ares with a very loud punch. Elsewhere on the page, a dark-haired Zeus looks taken aback by the proceedings. He must not like it when his kids fight. This drawing really popped out to me as I skimmed my old sketchbooks due to the sound effect. Shades of my first picture book Kapow!

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  1. Love this picture!!! Athena does kick Ares's butt!!! I have to tell my frieds (who are also Greek myth fans) to see this website!!! They'll love this picture!!!!


  2. Poor Ares. Well at least he wasn't shown getting impaled by Athena's spear during the Trojan War or shown in bed with the beautiful Aphrodite and seeing all the gods (except Zeus) laugh at them!
    Oops, I said too much!

  3. Last night, I had a weird dream and i saw the Ares comic and it had an Olympian dinner scene were Echidna (who looked like snake-tailed Arachne and Medusa's snake hair) attacked Hermes and Ares. o_o? luckily it had the abduction of Europa and Cadmus fighting Ares' dragon. When Deimos and Phobos told Ares about the death of his dragon, he grabbed a spear and went to kill him, but Deimos and Phobos wanted to protect Cadmus and then they held on his calves and then there were scenes were Ares walked down some stairs with his sons getting hurt. I woke up laughing, Mom came in and I told her, then we LOL-ed ourselves to sleep! Literally!