Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A-Sketch-a-Day-Until-Hera #8

Olympians Book 3, Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory is finally coming out July 19th. To commemorate this momentous occasion I will be posting a drawing from my enormous cache of sketchbooks each weekday until Hera hits the shelves. I'll be going through them chronologically, with today's piece coming from a sketchbook from September of 2006.

Today's piece is another drawing of the Queen of the Gods herself. I'm still playing around with that peacock collar idea at this point. I quite like the expression on her face here. I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but Hera's my favorite goddess.

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  1. How come Hera is your favorite goddess?

  2. I have a few answers for this, but the short reason is she's regal and sophisticated, and I also feel she gets a bad rep as a shrew, when really Zeus was a pretty awful husband. Despite that, I dig their dynamic. I get a kick out of how she manipulates him, and how he is often afraid f her.